Alba's Page

Hello! I am Alba. I came to the world on 20 August 2008 at 14h40 in the Clinique Generale Beaulieu in Geneva. I was 49 cm tall and my weight was 3.41 kg.

Although when I came out from mom I was somehow shocked, unhappy and comfronted to an unknown and agresive world, now I am getting used to this continously changing and amusing environment thanks to the help of mom and dad.

Below dad has placed some photos showing a few moments of my early existence.

First 10 years

From year 11th
Month Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul
11th year (2018-2019) m121 m122 m123 m124 m125 m126 m127 m128 m129 m130 m131 m132
12th year (2019-2020) m133 m134 m135 m136 m137 m138 m139 m140 m141 m142 m143 m144
13th year (2020-2021) m145 m146 m147 m148 m149 m150 m151 m152 m153 m154 m155 m156
14th year (2021-2022) m157 m158 m159 m160 m161 m162 m163 m164 m165 m166 m167 m168
15th year (2022-2023) m169 m170 m171 m172 m173 m174 m175 m176 m177 m178 m179 m180
16th year (2023-2024) m181 m182 m183 m184 m185 m186 m187 m188 m189 m190 m191 m192
17th year (2024-2025) m193 m194 m195 m196 m197 m198 m199 m200 m201 m202 m203 m204