Excursion 01

Sunday, 12 Julio 2020

Dear colleagues,

This family excursion was organized by Carlos Gimenez. We profited from it in the week we spent in St. Genis. Here is the proposal:

Date: Sunday, 12 Julio 2020
Site: Le Creux de Praffion (1390 m)
Classification: P0T0 - Very easy
Altitude: 1410 m (highest point)
Climbing up distance: 140 m
Climbing time: 1h00
Total hiking time: 1h30
Starting point: Top of telecabine Le Fierney - (1270 m)
Meeting point: Telecabine Le Fierney (Crozet) at 11h00 am
Remarks: Panoramics.
Access: St. Genis to Crozet. Parking of the telecabine Le Fierney. Driving time from our place: 15 minutes

Click to see the excursion map.
Click here to see a txt file with the way points of the path. .

In the URL http://excursiones.salicio.net you can find information on the outings.

It is convenient to emphasize some useful items: please do not forget to carry on (wear) raincoat, hat/cap and sun glasses, warm gloves, hiking boots or sport-footwear with thick and non-slipping sole, enough food and drinks for the own consumption. Spear dry clothes and after excursion confortable shoes are very convenient.

Have a lovely weekend! Cheers! Jose.